Help for writers and indie publishers

Services for published and unpublished writers include manuscript read-through and appraisal, editorial services, assistance with marketing (website, social media, marketing graphics etc.) and resource packs to accompany children’s and YA books. I can also deliver creative writing and/or publishing workshops, and have delivered these for organisations such as Caerphilly Arts Development, Autistic Minds UK and Welsh ICE.

Email or call 07956 424970 for more details.


Ymaginosity (uh-ma-ji-nos-i-tee) is a new non-profit organisation based in South East Wales, on a mission to help young storytellers get creative. Available for Foundation Phase, KS2 and KS3 creative writing workshops, film making and digital storytelling, bespoke publishing projects, and school magazine clubs.

Email or call 07956 424970 for more details.

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